Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry training program is a specialized training class often referred to as the Pastor’s Wives class. The women selected for this program are primarily married Christian women from rural areas where they have few opportunities outside the home and shamba (garden). Many of these women are wives of local peasant pastors.

The women come to the class for a total of 10 weeks. The class schedule is varied based on the needs of the women for such situations as planting season or harvest season.

Women's Discipleship classStudies have shown that in Africa women perform about 80% of the work to support the home and family while the men provide about 20%. The agrarian economy is highly dependent upon the rains and the area in which we serve is a semi arid area.

The training manual for this Women’s Program is a book entitled “Winners for God.” It was specifically written for this class by Ann Morell, Ann Rosser, and Cindy Wacker. The book contains materials on spiritual development, Bible study, prayer, marriage, health and hygiene issues, teaching children, fruit of the Spirit, other issues, and numerous dramas they can act out for learning purposes.