High School Students

Bridges International Development African missions (Meru, Kenya) supports several children because education, though free in most areas, is still too costly for many, due to uniforms and various fees.


This is a boy aged 14 years and in standard 7 (7th grade). He is a pure orphan who lives with his uncle as a guardian, who is also single. This uncle is jobless. They live in the slums of Meru known as ‘Majengo.’Their house is very poor and very cold since the house is very close to river kathita (about 20 metres from the river). The uncle has nothing to earn him a living. Ramathani, most of the days he goes to school having eaten nothing. His teachers have reported to us about this by severally. The boy also has poor clothing which are also very dirty due to lack of soap.

The guardian appreciates of the school fees Bridges is supporting the boy with.



This is an orphan aged 13 years and he is in standard 8. He is from a very poor family. He lives with an old grandmother who suffers from diabetes disease. Other relatives are all poor and no one else needs to keep this boy. His grandmother struggles a lot to see the boy get at least something to eat but she is totally unable. The school fee is a great problem. Feeding is also a great challenge. Most of the nights the boy sleeps having taken nothing due to the inability of the grandmother. They live in poor houses roofed with worn out iron sheets. Rainy time is a great problem to both the grandmother and the child since the iron sheets cannot prevent rain drops from penetrating. On top of poor housing, there are no also good clothes besides school uniform.

The photo shows Godfrey and his grandmother. This photo was taken in a photo studio as the boy was going to school.

Rodah Karithi:

This girl lives with an Aunt who lives in poor conditions. The girl is in a Day-Secondary School. The Aunt suffers a lot in getting food, clothes for her and the girl.




Elizabeth Achieng Gunda:

This girl is 12 years old. She is an orphan. She lives with a uncle who is jobless. The living conditions are poor. She in Meru Muslim Primary School in class 7. Clothing, housing, food and education are the major needs of