Elementary children

Program overview as described by Meru staff –

This is a program geared to see the future of impoverished children as reality.

In Kenyan communities, there are many orphan children who are destitute, oppressed, depressed because of poverty in various communities. These many orphans are in various communities like Tharaka, Meru, Turkana, and Samburu among others because they are drought areas, most famine strike areas. No enough rainfall especially this year.

It was something to be sympathized as we received from News through television that due to famine, many families in Turkana were eating dog’s meat as the only food because no any other food was available. Rains failed five years ago.

Another reason as to whether there are many orphans is because of the dreadful disease HIV/AIDS. Due to premature lifestyle and poor culture, many children are left as orphans as their parent dies.

Bridges International Development, out of the love, it has endeavored to take this as a privilege to extend their heart to reach as many as these children with aim of changing their lives for better future through good education, clothing, housing and medical services.

ICAN is one major program advanced by Bridges International Development to start realizing their future through a few children who have a clear testimony of how their lives have changed.



This girl is aged 8 years and is in standard 4. She leaves with a

very poor aunt who is a single mother. They live in poor houses with no beds. They sleep on the floor, no blanket despite the fact that Meru is very cold.

Most of the night, they sleep having taken no meals since her aunt has no work to do. This condition becomes great challenges that affect the education of this child. The guardian has notified us of another great challenge for the child. In December, the child fell sick and there was no money to take her to hospital.

She performs better in school through the ICAN program support and we believe she is going to make it in life.



This is another orphan catered by ICAN program. She is aged 7 years and in Class 1 in Millystar Academy. She was in position 2. She lives with an old grandmother who is jobless. She lives on working for people in their shambas for her living together with the orphans. They live in very poor houses with no beds and very poor beddings. Life is extremely hard for this grandmother. Often when one child is sick, she has no money to take her to hospital. She lives in the coldest part of Meru, with poor clothes and beddings. The child is hence vulnerable to colds, pneumonia and flu.

In the photo, she is with Pastor Shadrack.




Kelvin is an orphan aged 10 years. He is in standard 3. He was left by his parents when he was 6 months old. He stays with a guardian who is also poor with no job. The guardian reports that the situation of the child is a desperate one.

Due to lack of job to earn his living together with this child is a bit difficult. The boy has many needs. School fees, school uniforms, cold proof clothes and poor housing.

Medical service is also another main problem. Many times when the boy is sick, there is no money to take him to hospital.

The photo shows Kelvin has just come from school.



This boy is a total orphan age 10. He is in Standard 5. He lives with an old grandmother. The grandmother is worthy to be sympathized.

He is in Ntujia Primary school. Food, clothes and shelter are the greatest needs.




Kevin Gitahi:

This is a destitute child living with an Aunt in very poor conditions. His parent died long ago. The Aunt is jobless and cannot cater to his needs.

He is in Standard 4.



He is Other children in the ICAN program are:

  1. Junior Jesse age 5 in nursery school
  2. Kelvin Mwenda age 10 in Standard 5

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