Food Relief

Food Relief in December 2012 at Ngaremare, KenyaDSCF8095 (2)

We continue to receive requests for these food reliefs over a wide area north and east of Meru. Our Kenya staff prepared a budget for one we are planning to do this week at a cost of $635. This cost includes the food cost, deworming meds, and a nurse for the day.

We would like to plan to do a Food Relief about every 4 to 6 weeks here in the Horn of Africa. This would cost us about $5,000 to $7,000 for the year. Any assistance that could be provided through the Church would be very appreciated.

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Our staff is working to establish churches in the various areas where we feed. Some have even offered us a plot of land to build a building for use as a church and for economic development projects such as tailoring.

Bridges has about 1,500 pastor graduates and a number of them are working in these more remote areas with the Turkana, Masai and other tribes. The pastor on the left in the first picture is Pastor Kinoti and he has been very instrumental in helping us work with these remote tribes and bring the gospel to them.

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