Dr. Bob with goat

Dr. Bob and the goat

Goats are an ideal animal for the economic support of an African family. Africa has many goats but they are not utilized in a way to provide appreciable economic impact. Goats are excellent milk and meat producers when selected and managed properly. One good goat can supply all the milk needs of an African family.

We placed two KDPG goats in a Kenyan home for needy children with excellent results. The two nanny’s produced five kids, one set of twins and one set of triplets, and are producing 28 glasses of milk per day.
A good milk goat can produce up to 4 liters of milk per day, more than the average African cow at a much more reasonable cost. However, proper selection (breeding) and management is the key.

Before anyone can purchase a KDPG goat they have to go through a management training program and agree to the terms of the program which includes keeping the goat in an approved elevated goat house, proper parasite control, and good nutrition. Good goats are good for Africa. We have had a goat management training session at our Bridges compound and we have purchased a KPDG goat and are anxiously awaiting her kidding. Our desire is for the students to see that goats can be good economic assets for the family.

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