Garden in a Bag

A Garden in a Bag

Food is so precious in Kenya. The drought has lingered for about six years and raising food for a family is very dependent up on the rain.Garden in a Bag

One of the ways Bridges International is helping the Kenyan people is by teaching them how to raise vegetables in a bag.

A 50 kilo poly fiber bag commonly used in Africa can be used as a miniature garden to raise vegetables. Stones and soil are arranged in the bag so that water can percolate through the bag and the plants inserted through the sides of the bag will be nourished and grow. Common vegetables that are being grown in this manner are spinach, kale, tomatoes, and onions. These bag gardens can be used even where people have a small rented home or plot as they take up little space.

Growing Gardens in Kenya

This is just one of the ways that Bridges is working to bring some economic development projects to Africa.

Garden in a bag

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