Women's chicken project in Riuri

Women’s chicken project in Riuri

Chickens are also a very good animal for the African family. They are easily managed and provide vital protein nutrition for the family. We have witnessed several situations in Africa where properly managed chickens provide excellent nutritional and economic input for the average family. Our pastor trainer Pastor Jackson has recently started a chicken operation with very good results. He was getting about 35-40 eggs every day from his flock of about 60 hens. I met a woman in the Tharaka district who had a small flock of hens and was getting 14 eggs each day and people were lined up at her gate every morning to purchase her eggs.


Women's chicken project

Five women in Riuri started a chicken breeding cooperative and were awarded 20 chicks  from Bridges to initiate the project. The women will raise the chicks and when egg production start they will hatch the eggs. Half of the newly hatched chicks will be used to grow their cooperative project and half will be given back to Bridges to start another chicken project in another area.



New chicken coop built for project in Ngra-mara

In Negara Mara a new chicken coop was constructed by some of the local men and two of the Bridges staff as a demonstration for the community. Five chicks were given by Bridges for the project which will be managed by the local pastor. As chicks are hatched they will be shared with the local congregation and new flocks started.

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