Economic Development

Bridges International Development African missions (Meru, Kenya)

GoatsBob feeding goat
Goats are an ideal animal for the economic support of an African family. Africa has many goats but they are not utilized in a way to provide appreciable economic impact. Goats are excellent milk and meat producers when selected and managed properly. One good goat can supply all the milk needs of an African family.

Chickens are also a very good animal for the African family. They are easily managed and provide vital protein nutrition for the family. We have witnessed several situations in Africa where properly managed chickens provide excellent nutritional and economic input for the average family. Our pastor trainer Pastor Jackson has recently started a chicken operation with very good results. He was getting about 35-40 eggs every day from his flock of about 60 hens. I met a woman in the Tharaka district who had a small flock of hens and was getting 14 eggs each day and people were lined up at her gate every morning to purchase her eggs.

Vocational TrainingAnn with a garden in a bag
Several vocational training projects are currently being considered for the Bridges school. These include; Farming God’s Way, carpentry, mechanics, business and accounting, computers, and others.