A Vision Trip

A Vision Trip is about what you can become and what vision or dream you acquire as a result of the trip.  It is not so much about what you can do while on the specific trip.  The purpose of a Vision Trip is to give you a new and hopefully a more complete understanding of a ministry opportunity or organization and its vision.

Typically, a Vision Trip is designed to give you an overall perspective of the specific ministry you are traveling with and to gain a more in depth understanding of how an international ministry reaches out to the local people.  It should give you insight to the needs of the native people and help you in developing a personal strategy as to how you can assist the ministry or encourage you to formulate your own ideas for ministry.

A two week Vision Trip with Bridges International Development will allow you 3 days of travel, about 5-9 days of direct ministry contact, 2 days visiting a big game park, another day for shopping and sight seeing, and about 2 days for travel back home.

The cost of a two week Vision Trip to Kenya will be about $3,500.  This cost includes your food, lodging, transportation and entry fees for a big game park.  Any souvenirs and personal items are at your own expense and we suggest about $300 to $500 for these items.

A current Passport and up to date immunizations are required.  For a trip to Kenya we always protect ourselves with anti-Malaria meds before, during, and after each trip.

Make a life changing decision,
Stretch yourself,
Get outside your box,
Develop a new and bigger vision.

Take a trip of a lifetime to a different part of God’s world!
Let God give you a Vision.
Get your passport now!

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