How can I help?

I have had numerous people ask me about how we got started in the ministry or what could they do
if they went on a trip. It continually amazes me at the various ministries that some people become
involved in. At the recent Mission Conferences we attended we met missionaries who were working
in Agribusiness, building schools and drilling water wells, a nurse connecting Jewish doctors and
Muslim children who needed heart surgeries, a young lady of mixed ethnic background doing
reconciliation ministry in Jerusalem between Arabs and Jews, people ministering in jails and on the
streets, crisis ministries, teachers, and people doing maintenance for a ministry organization. We see
the need for all these plus people that can share about family relations, family conflict, business and
finance, health, goats, chickens, food preparation and storage, product development, marketing, child
care, nutrition, discipleship, and those who are willing to be a friend and encourager. Could you do
any of these? If you could, God can use you! Talk it over with Him.

Ministry Needs

  • Prayer Support
  • Volunteers
  • Short term mission trips – $4,000 per trip
  • Teachers/disciples
  • Personal financial support – $500 to $1,000 a month
  • Woman’s diploma class food – $75 per week
  • Tailoring class
    • Food – $50 per week
    • Treadle sewing machines – $200 each
    • Sewing Materials – $50 per month
  • Rite of Purity Passage
    • Training sessions – $400
    • Leader training – $100 each
  • Female Genital Mutilation education materials
  • Leadership training
  • Vocational training
  • Christian LIbrary books and materials
  • TV/DVD player for training – $250
  • Christian DVD training materials
  • KDPG Goats – $150 each
  • Chickens – $4 each
  • ICAN child assistance – $50 per child
  • School uniforms – $25 each
  • Sponsor high school students – $2 per day
  • Pastor training books = $10 per (10 needed)
  • Pastor training Bible = $25 each (30 needed)
  • Emergency fund