How Bridges Helps Africa

  1. Promoting the Christian Gospel in Kenya and other African countries.
  2. Creating and supporting up to 15 local jobs in Kenya.
  3. Writing a Christian Women’s training manual, “Winner’s For God.”
  4. Investing over a quarter of a million dollars into the African economy.
  5. Training 1100 peasant pastors, about 400 women, and 250 in Tailoring.
  6. Teaching Christian values and personal empowerment.
  7. Teaching local tribes the maladies of FGM and giving them an alternative.
  8. Teaching Christian values in family and marriage relations.
  9. Positively influencing about 75,000 to 100,000 African lives daily.
  10. Sending women’s training manuals to Congo.
  11. Cooperating with four different Kenyan universities.
  12. Working with a cotton processing and textile milling program.
  13. Taking college text books, esp. Physiology and theology.
  14. Taking other visitors to Africa and to the African game parks.
  15. Encouraging others to visit Africa and get a “ministry vision.”
  16. Helping support education and technical training in Africa.
  17. Establishing many local African ministry alliances.
  18. Assisting families and helping their children to stay in school.
  19. Empowering and encouraging many African people.
  20. Teaching and supporting local economic development programs.
  21. Assisting in establishing an African airline pilot licensing program.
  22. Cooperating with other ministries to Africa and ministries in Africa.

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