“Kika Muka” – Morell School graduate

My friend Kika Muka is a graduate of The Morell School at Bridges. Let me tell you about him. Before he graduated from The Morell School of pastor training, he was a pastor of a local Kenyan church and he was reaching out with food, clothing, and the gospel to remote tribal groups. He inspired us at Bridges to do the same and reach out to the remote tribes with food, and supplies. But pastor Kika Muka and his wife decided he should continue his education and go to Kenyan Methodist University for a degree in Theology. Guess what? Pastor Kika Muka is graduating from the university next week. It was not easy for him. He and his wife lost their second child and Kika’s sister also passed away, both this past year. There were other struggles as you might imagine. However he did not let any of the hardships keep him from his goal. Today Kika Muka has a position with a local Methodist circuit and he is working part time with Bridges working in Evangelism as he assists us in the showing of Christian films to churches, schools, and local market places. Please pray with us for Kika Muka and his family as he personally demonstrates the motto of Bridges I. D. “Winning the Heart of Africa for Jesus Christ!” By the way, thank you for your prayers and financial support of such awesome Bridges ministry projects as The Morell School and Evangelistic Films program.

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