Kelvin’s Testimony

I used to stay with my grandma who was so loving and caring. She was the only valuable person in my life. She loved me very much that she didn’t stop looking for something to help me study. But it was too late, I joined bad companies. Instead of me going to school, I hid in the bush and forest. Then I could return home and lie that I had such a wonderful time in school. But it wasn’t so. Later on, a traggedy happened. The only thing I valued hod to go as well, “my grandma.” I was so afraid. I didn’t believe it would be so painful. I was now left hopeless. I had nothing in life. I didn’t even know how to read and write. In fact, I was the last person in our class.

But something good happened in my life. It all changed when God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob suddenly placed you on my path. You the tiniest light that appeared on the darkness, you helped me regain my hope, and my happiness. And mostly my education. What can I give or do to make you believe that am very much grateful to you! Tell me, tell me please!

Am even more happy to say that am in std 8 (8th grade) and am even the school president. I know you are happy to hear that. Oh! How much I love and adour you. If it wasn’t for your kindness, what would I have become today!

Love you, Love you and love you.

May the Lord bless your generations.

Kelvin Gitahi

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