ICAN Children’s Christmas 2014

Dorcas Karimi
This picture is of one of the Bridges ICAN children Dorcas showing off her new Christmas dress. All the ICAN children are taken shopping and get to pick out a new outfit and one other personal item. They receive shoes and school uniforms during the year as well as new shoes. Bridges also pays their school fees, monitors their school progress and their health. They write us letters thanking us for the way we take care of them as they would not be able to go to school without our help. They also taken to a special Fun Day in early December where they play games, get to swim, tell stories, and have a special picnic lunch. They enjoy it so very much. Most of them have never been swimming before.

Thank you for your support of these beautiful children. They always thank those who send funds to help support them.

These ICAN children now have a much better life and a hope for the future. The parents and guardians are also thankful as they see the new vision in their children’s eyes due to the efforts of Bridges.

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